Areyuru Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Temple God of Medicine

Areyuru is a small village in the north–west of Tumkur town, situated at a distance of 18kms, dedicated to Lord Shiva and 70kms to Bangalore, Karnataka state of India. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state. This Shiva temple is said to be 1000 years old and abode of Jyothirlinga. This Shiva temple is known as "Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Temple". Tumkur district is a holy place of Lord Vaidyanatha and known for His Miracles (Who is God of Medicine) cures deadly diseases showing evidence of happening of miracles in ones life. The temple is visited by a large number of devotees on daily basis. The reason behind this is the wishes of devotees getting fulfilled, who believe and worship the Lord with utmost devotion.
Areyuru Shri Vaidyanatheswara Swamy Temple
Areyuru Shri Vaidyanatheswara Swamy Temple
Dwajasthambham infront of the Temple
Dwajasthambham infront of the Temple
History of this Temple:
The temple of Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy exsisting in Areyuru is also known as "Tapobhoomi" (Land of Saints). There are two main temples in Areyuru: Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Temple and Haalu Malleshwara Swamy Temple believed to be more than 1000 years old though there is no evidence of any stone inscriptions or any other historical records. Its the belief of People that before these temples got existed there used to be a thick forest in this area. A community of Kaadu Golla (Tribal People) used to live here. There is an Ashram built by Shri Dadheechi Maharshi along with many saints who came from Himalaya Mountain and did penance here. The Jyothirlinga of the present Shri Vaidyanatheshwara temple was installed by these sages in the sanctum sanctorium. This temple 'A Dynasty of Karnataka' got expanded during the Cholas period. There used to be a divine medicinal tree which existed at the place of present Haalu Malleshwara Swamy Temple. The saints used to prepare medicine from the leaves of this medicinal tree to cure the patients who came to them.
Jyothirlinga of Areyuru Shri Vaidyanatheswara Swamy Temple
Jyothirlinga of Areyuru Shri Vaidyanatheswara Swamy Temple
True incident of Patients Who Visited this Temple in 2002:
Sri Mallanarasaiah and Sri Ellaiah of Siddappana Palya, Tumkur district were suffering from severe throat cancer. Inspite of getting treated for 6 months at Kidwai Cancer Hospital, they did not get cured. Due to throat cancer, they had a solid lump which made them unable even to drink water. After giving the necessary treatment to cure them, the Doctors had to discharge them stating that they may survive only for one month and suggested better to spend terminal days at home. It was at that time that both of them worshipped Shri Vaidyanatheshwara with utmost devotion and took a pledge that they would serve the god with full faith after getting cured their disease and visit the temple every year. Suddenly a miracle happened in their lives as their cancer wounds started slowly getting cured and within three months both got completely cured by this deadly disease.
Significance of this Temple:
This "God of Medical" (Vaidyanatha) has a belief, that he cures deadly diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure without medicine and surgery when worshipped with utmost faith and devotion.
Tumkur is a must visit place to seek the blessings of "Areyuru Lord Vaidyanatha" who is the "God of Medicine", doing Miracles in the lives of people visiting him.
Evidence of Saints at Ashram Who Did Penance:
While laying the foundation of the temple in 1986, when the main entrance of the temple was dug for renovation, the Skeletons of human bodies, skulls, metallic items and earthen pots were found which is the evidence that people lived here at that time. Those people who lived here are assumed to be the saints as general public do not reside live near the temples and prefer far places.
Beautiful Vimaana with Sculptures of Gods
Beautiful Vimaana with Sculptures of Gods
Samadhi's of Saints in Areyuru:
Samadhi of Shri Gaddigappa: While entering Areyuru, a Samadhi of Saint Shri Gaddigappa can be found. It was observed that 60-70 years ago a fragrant smell eminated from this Samadhi. However, in recent years no such smell is experienced now.
Samadhi of Shri Aadavena Swamy: It is believed by people that Shri Aadavena Swamy lived in a moth besides Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy temple in the beginning of 19th Century. Even today his Samadhi still exists near to him.
Reasons and Miracles Happening at the Areyuru Temple:
It is well known that among all the rivers in India, Ganga river is the most sacred rivers which flows from north-south carrying debris, dead bodies, along with it. The River Ganga originated from Himalaya Mountains where many Sadhus (Hindu Saints) are still living and performing sacred rituals and still doing penance. Though the water of Ganga is very much polluted, it is the belief of people from ancient times which makes them to drink the water and also take holy bath in it. After consuming the water of Ganga river people do not suffer from any type of diseases instead they get cured and purified by other factors. Several Scientific investigations have confirmed that there is absence of disease spreading and bacteria producing organisms in the water of Ganga river.
Thus the Ganga river water gained divine power and is free from all disease producing bacterias. Till today, according to scientist Dr.John Howard Sharp, after investigating a lot on this, had to state that this fact is beyond scientific verification, who is also a Nobel Laurent. 
(Ref: A Book "Autobiography of Yogi" page No. 296, Book published by Yoga Satsanga Society of India, Ranchi – 834001, Jharkhand State.)
Athma Jnana (Self Realization):
This temple is still influenced by the existence of the Divine Rishis (Saints) who lived thousands of years ago and prevail even today. Those Rishis (Saints) and sages had been living here in their invisible body. The Jyothirlinga installed by them is said to possess cosmic divine power. The type of divine influence of Rishis (Saints) together with the cosmic divine power of Jyothirlinga is said to be the prime factor which is responsible for curing diseases by destroying the disease producing bacteria. It is a fact known by local people that from ancient days, the people who were suffering from diseases used to stay in temple premises for many days and get their diseases cured.
Chandra Mandala - A Sculptured Stone in the Premises of Temple
Chandra Mandala - A Sculptured Stone in the Premises of Temple
The one who possess divine knowledge says that the diseases causing bacteria are eliminated by the cosmic divine waves which are being generated by the Rishis (Saints) who do penance in Himalaya Mountains. Thus, even after conducting certains researches this fact is beyond one's scientific knowledge.
Presence of Holy Snake in the Temple:
It is the belief of People residing here that a godly snake lives in this temple premises and guards this Shri Kshetra (Holy Place of Hindus). During night times this snake swims in tank water from Haalu Malleshwara temple to Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy temple, where it stays for sometime and then returns back to its place. The locals have seen this snake appearing big in size and sometimes opening its hood by encircling the Jyothirlinga. Rest of the time the snake looks like an ordinary one.
Holy Snake Idols in the Temple
Holy Snake Idols in the Temple
It is noted that, when Archaka, (Priest) who does pooja, comes to temple without requisite cleanliness (Having Bath), then this serpent lies across inside of main entrance, preventing him from entering into the temple. Soon the archaka goes back, comes back after having a bath to the main entrance of temple and performs worship as and when the door is opened, this serpent is invisible.
Legend of Holy Snake:
When one recalls an incident that occurred during 1986, at the time of renovation of Shri Vaidyanatheshwara temple, it was clear that the Lord Vaidyanatha gets the temple services done through his devotees. Once a devotee named Sri. Gurubasappa, took initiative in the renovation work of this temple. Another devotee Sri. Shankarappa of Karadagere Village, a retired Assistant Director (Agriculture), was cooperating and helping in this work. Due to difference of opinion between village people, Sri. Gurubasappa stepped back to continue the renovation work of temple and went back to his village. Next day morning, the Archaka (Priest) of the temple found a serpent sleeping across the main entrance of the temple. When this instance was told to the village people, they visited the temple and tried to make the serpent move away by offering milk to it, which the serpent drank but did not move from that place. This situation lasted for three days. Sri. Gurubasappa then got realized the main reason behind it, which was his refusal to involve in the renovation work of this temple. After realizing his mistake he offered pooja and pledged that he will take part and complete the renovation work of the temple. It was then that the serpent showed movement and disappeared before hundreds of people.
A Holy Sculpture In-front of The Temple
A Holy Sculpture In-front of The Temple
How to Worship the Lord?
The devotees visiting this temple offer pooja and abhisheka to the God with their utmost devotion. Devotees mainly visit this temple to get cured from the deadly diseases from which they are suffering and their wishes to get fulfilled.
There is one interesting thing in this temple ie., the prasadam to devotees is given in the form of flowers decorated on the Lord by Archaka. The archaka with devotion takes those flowers with his three finger from god and gives it to the devotees. If the number of flowers recieved is odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.) the illness will be cured or their desired will be fulfilled. If the number of flowers recieved is even (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) the illness will not be cured and their desires will also not be fulfilled. However, the devotees visit the temple for about 6 months and offer pooja after which the god will bless them.
Existence of Udhbava Linga in Haalu Malleshwara Temple:
It is a small temple behind Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy’s temple, at a depth on the tank bund. The lingam of this temple is not installed but emanated (Self-incarnated) from the ground (Udbhava Linga). It is believed that this area where temple now exists was once a thick forest. An ant hill existed at this place. The farmers of nearby village, Mallappana Halli, used to bring their cattle for grazing to this place. A cow among those cattle used to sprinkle milk into this anthill. Upon witnessing this wonder, the villagers dug of anthill and found a lingam of about 6'inch long. After this incidence the people built a small temple which in due course of time came to be known as the famous "Haalu Malleshwara Swamy Temple".
Emanated Haalu Malleshwara Swamy Lingam at Anthillon Tank Bund
Emanated Haalu Malleshwara Swamy Lingam at Anthillon Tank Bund
According to another legend, locals say that this Linga inside the ground was saw by the sages who lived here long ago through their divine sight. They had dug and found this lingam and when dug deeper they found even the milk overflowing inside it. Since then this place is named as Haalu Malleshwara Swamy and a small temple was built to worship the Lord.
Elephants Allover:
In ancient times, this place was covered with thick dense forests. It was evident from the group of elephants visiting this place from other nearby forests in search of fodder following a definite route to Areyuru Village. These elephants used to swim in Areyuru irrigation tank and would return after 2-3 days without causing any harm to the local people residing there.
Elephants coming from Nearby Forest to Areyuru
Elephants coming from Nearby Forest to Areyuru
Experiences of Devotees:
It is hard to believe even today when the Medical Science had developed so much in recent years, performed several scientific researches, but could not trace the curability for these deadly diseases like cancer and heart attacks, are being completely cured by worshipping this God in Areyuru with utmost faith and devotion.
However, it's a fact that these diseases are being cured as a challenge to medical science. Hundreds of people got cured visiting this temple. Here are a few evidences gathered by devotees of this temple by visiting those who got cured and their desires fulfilled. Their details are given below.
Festivals Celebrated at the Temple:
Every year, during the festival of Shivarathri, a grand Rathothsavam is been organised to celebrate the day. At this time a Jathra (A cultural meet) is being conducted for 8 days. On last day of Teppotsava (Water Fest) a grandeur is been conducted to terminate the function of Jathra with attractive fireworks near the temple.
Other Activities Conducted at the Temple:
The committee of Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy has arranged daily free meals for the benefit of devotees who visit this Shree Kshetra.
Any sort of contribution by devotees is accepted in the form of food grains, vegetables on the name of God Shri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy.
Other Temples in Areyuru:
Areyuru holy place and devotional land of Tumkur is also having shrines of Ganesha, Renuka Yallamma, Sooramma Devi Temple, Lakshmidevi, Hatti Marri, Shree Kaggalu Madappa, Nagarakatte, Aralikatte,  Shree Maddamma-Madappa... and many more to visit.
Contact Details:
Sri. S. V. Shankarappa-91-816-2206935
Sri. Rajaiah-91-816-2206155
How to Reach:  
By Train: The rail lines are well connected to Tumkur from other major cities of the country. The Mallasandra Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach the temple at a distance of 8kms. From the station one can hire Autorikshaw to Areyuru. 
By Air: The Tumkur does not have any airport. The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, around 90 km from the city. The other airports are Hindustan Airport (BLR), at a distance of 66 km from Bangalore, Karnataka and Mysore Airport (MYQ), at a distance of 127km from Mysore, Karnataka.
By Road: The one wishing to come by their own transport had to follow the route of Tumkur -> Mallasandra -> Halanooru -> Areyuru. There are regular buses available to reach the temple from other major cities of the country. The KSRTC bus facility is available daily from Tumkur to Areyuru at an interval of one hour from morning 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM. At the time of festivals and Rathothsavam (Chariot Fest) there is arrangement of special transport to reach the temple.
The Govt. Bus facility available to reach the Temple
The Govt. Bus facility available to reach the Temple



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