Benefits of Chanting OM

Benefits of Chanting OM

Any kid born in an Hindu family, has been told by his/her grandmothers to sit quietly and chant Om!. Mothers and Grandmothers use this technique to make an unruly child quiet. What we once dismissed as Grandmotherly tales, is now being recognized by science as a perfect way to Calm the mind and body.

As more and more people are being attracted towards Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), yoga and its forms, the age old Indian practices of meditation are also coming forward. Meditation is becoming famous because, unlike physical exercises, it does not have any physical contraindications. Anybody, anywhere could do it.

One of such beneficial exercises, is the chanting of "OM". Any mantra or holy verse is just a sound or utterance of different words. Science proves that Sound and vibrations go hand in hand. Where there is vibration there would be energy. Hence, it would be safe to say that mantras unlock or activate some energy in our body

Spiritual Connections:-

• According to Hindu mythology, OM or Omkara symbolizes the Holy trinity of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector) and Shiva (liberator). Chanting of "OM" releases the divine energy (Shakti) within us.
• It is believed that OM is the "Bijamantra" or the first sound of the universe, so by chanting it, we become one with nature.

How to do it:-

• Choose a time when you are sure to be undisturbed.
• Choose a relaxing place.
• Try to concentrate and clear your mind of the thoughts of daily activities.
• Breathe deeply.
• Sit in the lotus position and Keep your back straight.

• Slowly, inhale deeply and Chant "OM" while exhaling out. Here, OM should be pronounced by its 3 syllables "A-U-M" :-

  • A - as in Au of Augment
  • U - as in oo of scoop
  • M - as in mercy
• The OM sound will be long, with the emphasis on the last syllable "M"
• Repeat for as little time or as long as you wish.
• This needs to be done everyday to reap benefits.


• Contrary to popular belief, OM is not necessarily a religious symbol. In a nutshell, it is a basic sound that creates certain vibrations in the human body.
• Scientists and spiritual gurus believe that
      The sound of A creates vibrations in the stomach,
      The sound of U in the chest and
      The sound of M creates vibrations in the Nasal cavity.
• Some people also believe that chanting OM improves concentration. Maybe at first the mind will be unsteady, but regular chanting will lead to being focus. This focus in turn can reduce stress and restlessness.
• Some medical findings also prove that chants can help reduce blood pressure and improve heart health.
• If one can find some time everyday to meditate, he/she will surely feel a new sense of calm. Taking time out for oneself is required to avoid being bogged down and depressed by daily routine.
• Many of us have noticed that Yoga classes often begin with a chant of OM. This is because, focusing your mind before any exercise regimen, improves the body movements.
• Meditation or chants take you to a state of relaxation without any side effects.
• Sitting upright while doing so improves posture and spine alignment.

Below are a few scientific papers that show us the benefits of OM chanting -


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