Benefits of Sundara Kandam Mantra Recital

Valmiki Ramayana is considered by the Hindus as an Adi Kaavya,meaning the first epic to emerge in this world. Besides its literary grandeur, it is considered as a Holy text and is used for ceremonial recitation and worldly blessings also.The Gayathri Maha Mantra, the mother of all mantras consists of 24 Aksharas / Syllables.Sage Valimki wrote 1000 slokas for every Akshara, thus resulting in 24,000 slokas in Valmiki Ramayanam.

Valmiki the author of Ramayana

Valmiki the author of Ramayana

There are seven Kandams in this epic. The fifth Kandam is called “Sundara Kandam” wherein Acharya Hanuman is the Hero, who, besides bringing solace to the Jeevatma Sita Piratti , created havoc among the Rakshasas including the King of Lanka, Ravana.The word “Sundara” means beatiful in Sanskrit.The whole of Ramayanam is equivalent to the Vedas and Sundara Kandam is considered as the Upanishad, the essential portion which is equivalent to reading the whole of Ramayanam.The regular recitation of Ramayanam and Sundarakandam in particular reminds the reciter / listner that the human body is made up of Five elements (Tattwas).

Hanuman meeting Sita in Ashok Vatika of Ravana mentioned in Sundara Kandam

Hanuman meeting Sita in Ashok Vatika of Ravana mentioned in Sundara Kandam

1) Earth Element(Pritvi) : This is because Hanuman goes to Lanka in serach of Sita Piratti who born and found from the Mother Earth.

2) Akash Element : Hanuman’s path towards Lanka was by mode of Sky.

3) Air Element(Vayu) : Hanuman is the son of Wind God, Vayu.

4) Fire Element(Agni) : Hanuman burns Lanka with His Tail being unhurt, thanks to the blessings of Sita Piratti.

5) Water Element (Apas): Hanuman crosses the gigantic ocean to reach Lanka.

There is common saying in Sanskrit — “Hanumath Samena Guru Naa” meaning Hanuman is an ideal Guru. The reason being, the Ramadhoothan had a complete mastery over His mind and was well versed in the all the Sastras. In fact, Lord Rama was so impressed the behaviour and communication of Hanuman that He praised Hanuman as a “Nava Vyaa karana Vedhthaa” ie; Master of Nine Vyakaaranas.

Thus the consistent reading / listening of Sundara Kandam will bring in following qualities in a devotee, besides blessing one with Moksha. Budhi(Intelligence), Balam(Strength), Yasha(Fame), Dhairyam(Valour), Nirbhayaktwam(Fearlessness), Aroghatha(Health), Ajadyam(Alertness), Vaakpaduthwam(Power of Speech).


  • Benefits of Sundara Kandam Mantra Recital

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