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God! This word is uttered by almost everybody on earth whether he is an atheist or a theist. Almost all religions in the world profess the existence of God. The doctrines attributed to him guide the people, offer solace at the time of distress and imbue everybody with hope for better future. Anything and everything good or bad is ultimately traced to fate, which most people believe, is predetermined by God and can be moderated or even changed by total devotion and unconditional surrender to Him. Based on logical arguments, it is equally possible to prove the existence or otherwise of God. This reminds me of an anecdote of an acrimonious debate between a theist and an atheist at the end of which, the theist became an atheist and the atheist became a theist! Thus it remains a never ending question.

Here an attempt is made to objectively analyse the various attributes of God from the perspective of mathematical logic, particularly using simple geometrical principles. The important aspect is the unity of Him. He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient; also, He is the most merciful and beneficent. The last two aspects being qualitative in nature, it would be difficult to subject them to the rigours of mathematical principles while the other qualities may be examined to establish if God could exist with such qualities. At this point, let us deviate and get into a little bit of discussion regarding different dimensional space and objects.


Fig. 1

Fig. 2

It is known that a point, which is a pure location devoid of length or a circle with zero radius, is an example of zero dimensional space. A line, which is a length with zero thickness, can be

considered to  be  made  of   many  points   lying  side  by  side  in   

Fig. 3

Fig. 4


direction  (Fig. 1)and  is  an example of one dimensional space; also, a point can cut a line into two (Fig. 2). Likewise, a plane which is two dimensional, can be considered to be made of a number of lines juxtaposed and it too can be cut into two by one dimensional line (Fig. 3). Similarly, a number of planes kept alongside in the third perpendicular direction form a three dimensional space  (Fig. 4) such as a cube, which can be cut into two parts by a plane, a two dimensional object. On extension, number of three dimensional objects kept in the (imaginary) fourth dimension, perpendicular to all the three dimensional directions should form a four dimensional object. This is a bit difficult to imagine, as we can visualise only upto three dimensions such as length, width and height. It is beyond our comprehensive imagination to think of a dimension perpendicular to all of these! Of course, such a four dimensional space should get cut  into two by a three dimensional space like a cube, sphere etc. It is also apparent that a higher dimensional space can easily include in itself spaces and objects of lesser dimensions.

Now, it is time for us to stretch our imagination to do some thought experiments. Imagine a two dimensional flat space, which has only length and breadth but no height, i.e., there is no concept of up or down in such a flat world. A typical two dimensional object in such a flat world is  a wafer thin paper. We, being three dimensional object, can have complete and unlimited access to this two dimensional space and object (Paper). Anything and everything on it is open to us. There can be no hidden secrets for us in two dimensional space. If one shuts himself in a room of two dimensional (flat) world, a three dimensional person can reach him from above, from below or from any direction for that matter. Thus, a two dimensional world is entirely open to and can be controlled by a three dimensional person, through the third direction perpendicular to the two dimensions, of which he could have no knowledge at all. Thus, while a two dimensional object has limited access to a three dimensional object or world, a three dimensional object has all the access to a  two dimensional object or world.

Similarly, if there are four dimensional world and objects, then a three dimensional world and objects should be totally open and accessible to a four dimensional being. We, three dimensional objects, would never be able to hide or keep any secrets from him, as he has total access to us whether we like it or not, through that extra dimension. He can easily remove you from an enclosed room without breaking it open! We may wonder how could it be possible! But just as three dimensional person could reach any part of the two dimensional world, through the extra dimension he possesses, four dimensional person should be able to reach and have access to any part of the three dimensional world. He can appear or disappear at any place, can pass through any wall or even get into your heart without your permission or wish! It is not that he had to materialise or dematerialise to do this as you do not have to destroy or penetrate through any thing to reach any point in two dimensional space. Just like a two dimensional world cannot have an enclosure in the third dimension which is perpendicular to their world, we also cannot have any enclosure in the fourth dimension which is perpendicular to all the three directions familiar to us. Hence, the four dimensional beings can always have access through this fourth dimension, about which we cannot even feel. (As per Theory of Relativity, we are supposed to live in four dimensional world, the fourth dimension being time i.e., three dimensional objects living in four dimensional word. However, this will not affect materially our logic presented here). With these ideas in mind, let us try to analyse God and his attribute.

If we presume that God is a four dimensional being, (or in keeping with the Theory of Relativity, He could be imagined to be a four dimensional being in a five dimensional world), then He should be having unlimited access or control over us in this world, as our world will be totally open and transparent to Him. In such a case, we can automatically consider Him to be omnipresent, as He can appear or disappear anywhere in this world as He pleases, omnipotent, in view of unlimited access to inside out of our world and can influence or control any event here and omniscient, as nothing can happen without His knowledge and nothing can be hidden from Him, however deep one may bury himself!

Now let us consider the concept of unity of God. This again requires mental exercise and imagination. Recall our earlier argument that just like many points (Zero dimensional) constitute one line (one dimensional), many of which together form a plane (Two dimensional), which in turn put together form a space (Three dimensional) such as a cube, sphere etc. Similarly, it is possible to imagine that many of three dimensional worlds, as we know, put together appropriately should form a four dimensional world or object. Hence, the entire world, space, universe etc., as we know being three dimensional, can put together properly form a four dimensional space or object. Thus, we can consider God as a four dimensional being, who includes in Himself all things we know, being lesser dimensional. Thus, there could be only one God and we are part of Him! Philosophy of Advaita! Imagine now you got Viswaroopa explained as everything is contained within Him.

We have already proved that He could be omniscient. Let us examine if it is possible by a Hyperspace being to monitor and keep track of the activities of everyone in this world, by drawing an analogy. Now a days, everybody is aware of plane crashes and subsequent search for its black box to determine the cause of the accident. Even if the plane is destroyed totally, the black box is not. It carries all the vital information required to investigate the cause of the crash. This box can be decoded and understood only by a few experts. Similarly, it is possible for an engineer to fabricate a machine and implant a device similar to the black box of the plane, to record the complete activities of that machine from its inception until just prior to its destruction (expiry). Then, he can analyse the performance of that machine throughout its entire span of life from this special device. Likewise, it is an accepted idea that though the body is destructible, soul is not. Mind is the device which carries all the information after death and comes back again in a form say as human being or any other object, suitable for all the impressions it carried. Now, we can easily visualise that God has implanted a device called ‘Mind’ into every living being at the time of its creation. This Mind might act as a black box carrying all the messages regarding one’s activities all through the life of the individual and ultimately after the death, depart and reach Him. Nothing in this world can stop the departure of the Mind and all Minds reach Him sooner or later. As it reaches Him, He might be able to decode the message it carries with it and suitably reward or punish the individual (Mind) accordingly.

It would be impossible to imagine how God might look like,  as we cannot visualise the hyperspace and the Hyperspace being, which might be abstract! Is there any way to have a glimpse at Him in the realm of our world? Again, our imagination and analogy comes in handy!

While a line held perpendicular to our line of vision will look like a point, a plane held likewise will appear as a line and a cube or a sphere will appear like a square or a circle, which is a plane. This implies that if an effort is made to change the orientation and viewed from a proper angle, the object can manifest itself as though it has lost a dimension. Similarly, if viewed in a proper perspective, possibly the Hyperspace being can be seen in a form conceivable by us. Hence, the prayers, rituals etc., prescribed by any religion can be considered as different ways to elevate oneself to a level wherein, one can attain a perfect orientation and have a glimpse of Him, in a way one can realise while others cannot. Hence, it is possible that great saints and prophets could have had a glimpse of Him and enjoyed that unique ecstatic state and contentment, which they subsequently tried to share with the other commoners through their preaching! The different shapes attributed to God could be the result of that particular saint perceiving God from his perspective or orientation while others might see the same God in a different orientation and perceive Him in a different shape.

The concept of Heaven and Hell can also be given a meaning under our analogy. If a Hyperspace exists, it would be divided into two by our world of lesser dimension, as explained earlier. The upper and lower parts can be considered as Heaven and Hell. Then, if anybody is to go to Heaven from Hell or vice versa, he has to necessarily pass through our world. If good deeds are done in this life, one is sent to heaven or otherwise to Hell from here. As Heaven is supposed to be a place where everybody wants to go ultimately, as all the heavenly beings are blessed by God, we probably have the habit of looking up at our target and pray!

Thus, with basic ideas of geometry and extending our imagination though thought process, we are able to arrive at reasonably acceptable conclusions regarding Him and His characteristics.


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