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Feel In Tour Travel Operator(Madagascar)


This is a registered company by the Ministry of Tourism of Madagascar, is having many years of experience, recently member of Professional Tour Operator association in Madagascar and member of Women Tourism Association for Madagascar. The company has experience in handling inbound tour operator (GIF and FIT) from the world and other related tourism services in Madagascar.

There are still parts of Madagascar that haven’t been discovered yet which is very rare for any country in the world. It is one of the poorest countries in the world but also one of the safest countries in Africa thanks to the unique Malagasy culture.

Here's a look at the services and hospitality provided by the company to make the tour Happy, Stay pleasant and Memorable.

They offer:

- Tailor made tours
- Transfers
- Incentives
- Booking hotels, national flights
- Car rental,
- Conferences,
- Cruises,
- Adventure trip,...

Exlpore the MADAGASCAR's east, north, south ana.., south ifaty and west as they are providing a eleven day package tour from day 1-day 13 including pickup from airport, drop in hotel, accomodation including breakfast, lunch, dinner and sight seeing places from time to time.

10 National parks must to visit in Madagascar:

1) Ranomafana National Park-parks,lemurs,rainforest,frogs,reptiles
2) Isalo National Park-parks,hiking,backpacking,camping,ecotourism
3) Avenue of the Boababs-forest,backpacking,lemurs,ecotourism,nature
4) Ankarafantasika National Park-parks,lemurs,reptiles,forests,turtles
5) Amber Mountain National Park-parks,lemurs,rainforest,reptiles,nature
6) Marojejy National Park-lemurs,rainforests,nature reserves,reptiles,parks
7) Nosy Mangabe-camping,lemur,rainforest,reptiles,frog
8) Andohahela National Park-park,lemur,lizard,reptile,forest
9) Cape Sainte Marie-cliff,lighthouse,backpacking,turtle
10) Zahamena National Park-lemurs,protected area,parks,forests,nature

The Package tab is having detailed information about the listed areas covered in their tour package.

Top rated Madagascar restaurants:

1) The Pily Pily Restaurant-Italian
2) Restaurant Sakamanga-French
3) Mad Zebu-French




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