Gangaikondan Mandapam Hanuman Temple in Kanchipuram

Gangaokondan Mandapam(locally known as Gangana mandapam) Hanuman Temple is located just outside the Kanchipuram Shankara Mutt. It is a heritage building built by the great Chola king Rajendra Cholan when he conquered north India and brought the water from the Ganga to be used for puja. On his way, he kept the waters of the Ganga here and hence this place gets this name.He also brought a Shiva linga which was installed in the Gangai Konda cholapuram Shiva temple.

Gangaikonadam Mandapam Hanuman Kanchipuram

Gangaikonadam Mandapam Hanuman Kanchipuram

Gangaokondan Mandapam has been recently renovated with the efforts of the Reach Foundation.


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  • Gangaikondan Mandapam Hanuman Temple in Kanchipuram
    Mettu Kammala Street, Ennaikaran

    Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - 631501

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