Gangeshwar Mahadev Seashore Temple Diu Gujarat

"Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple" is an Ancient Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Gangeshwar Mahadev situated 3kms away from Diu in Fudam village of Gujarat, India. This Temple was built by Pandavas in Mahabharata times. The main attraction of this temple are its Five Shivalingas or rocks in the form of Lord Shiva (chiefly known as the destroyer and transformer in the Hindu trinity), located in the midst of the rocks on the seashore, which are often washed by the tidal waves of the sea. When the tide is high, one could only see the tip of these rocks of this temple, as the sea water tends to submerge them. These stones or Shivalingas are believed to have been placed here by the Pandava brothers during their period of exile when they were doing penance for Lord Shiva.
Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple of Diu in Gujarat
Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple of Diu in Gujarat
The word 'Gangeshwar' here refers to Lord Shiva, who is considered the 'Lord of Ganga' because the river Ganga descended primarly to earth from the beginning to the end his tresses. Thus Gangeshwar temple is committed to him.
History of this Temple:
According to Legends, Pancha Pandavas during their exile from their Kingdom Hastinapur for a period of 12 years, worshipped Lord Shiva present in this temple. As this temple is located near the seashore it is also known as "Seashore Temple". When Pandavas came to this place during their exile period they searched a place for worship before having food. Thus these Five Shivalingas were installed by them along the waters edge which are considered as the true form of Lord Shiva. 
There is a 'Seshanag' (the Serpent God), carved above on the rock which watches over the Shiva Lingas. As one enters they can see infront Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are also present in this place. Every night at the time of high tide rise, these Lingas and the whole temple is cleaned with the water of crystal clear tidal waves, leaving it fresh for the next day's offering by the devotees who visit this place. It seems as if tidal waves of sea are paying true homage to the presiding deity of this place. Hence this place soaked in absolute peace and serenity, became one of the famous pilgrimage sites of Lord Shiva's devotees and tourists visiting this place. 
Tidal Waves of the shore touching the Shivalingas in Gangeshwar Temple Diu
Tidal Waves of the shore touching the
Shivalingas in Gangeshwar Temple Diu
Significance of this Temple:
The Five Shivalingas present in this cave are installed by the Pandava brothers during their exile from the Kingdom Hastinapura as they were insearch of a place to worship Lord Shiva. This cave temple is present in serene atmosphere and exudes powerful energy which is much revered by devotees of the mighty Lord Shiva from across the world.
Main Offering to the Deity:
The Bilva Patra (Maredu Aakulu) along with Coconuts, Incense sticks and Some Fresh Flowers are offered by the devotees to this deity.
Gangeshwar Mahadev Five Shivalingas at Diu
Gangeshwar Mahadev Five Shivalingas at Diu
Temple Timings:
The temple timings are 6:00AM-8:00PM
Best time to Visit:
One of the best time to visit this temple is March-June during summer season when it is humid. The visiting time is 1 to 2 hrs. The one interested to see the sunset can climb the top of the cliff to visit the sun going down.
The best period to plan a trip to Daman is during the months of October and May when the nights are cold. It is recommended not to visit this place in rainy season as it would be very sticky and the season starts from June onwards lasting till October. This place receives a very good amount of rainfall. The temperature during winter is around 20 degrees making the place a must visit as the nights are chilled. It is worth visiting this place during the months of October and November due the festivals, like Navarathris which are the most mesmerising ones celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion. 
Events & Festivals in Daman:
September-October: This period is the fag end of Monsoon season, famous for Nariyal Poornima Festival, which marks the commencement                                         of the fishing season.  
October-November : During this period one can savour the folk dances of Gujarat, as well as some Portuguese folk dances like Mando,                                                 Verdigao and Vira.
December                 : The Celebrations of Christmas and New Year day, are very attractive in Daman.
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Other Tourist Attractions:
It is one of the best tourist and religious spot in Diu of Gujarat. The other nearby attractions to this place are Nagoa Beach, Jalandhar Beach, Sunset Point, Splash Water World, Nadia Caves, Ghogla Beach, St.Paul Church, Diu Fort, Gomptimala Beach, Diu Museum, Zampa Gateway and Panikota Fort.
How to Reach:
By Air: The Diu Airport is the Nearest Airport is about 3kms of Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple. The Major Cities are well connected to Diu Airport.
By Train: The Delvada Railway Station is the Nearest Railway Station within 11km from Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple.
By Road: In Diu of Gujarat there are plenty of private and public vehicles available to reach Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple. State Transport buses and private coaches are available easily from Baroda, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh and Veraval.



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    Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

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