Kamadchi Kamakshi Ampal Temple at Hamm in Germany

Location:- The town of Hamm, in Germany is home to one of the largest Hindu temple in Europe. Not only local Deutcshland people but devotees from Belgium and the Netherlands also frequent this temple.

Main Deities:- The main and biggest altar is dedicated to Kamakshi Ampal of Devi Kamakshi. In the main sanctum, there are various small shrines for the other Gods and Godesses like Ganesha, Shiva, Sri Murugan etc.. Sri Kamadchi or Kamakshi means Goddess with the eyes of love.

Kamadchi amman is depicted with four arms and sitting in Padmasan (lotus position). She also wears a red saree and a crown alongwith flower garlands and jewelary. In front of the main Devi idol, there is a Shree Yantra.


The temple is built in the South Indian (Dravidian) style. Although the foundation was laid in 1999, this temple was completed in the year 2002. The entire structure is made up of white bricks. The construction of this temple was done by Hammer architect Heinz -Rainer Eichhorst. The architectural details of this temple are similar to the Kamakshi temple in Kanchipuram,India.


The statue of the main Goddess is made up of granite and was brought from Kanchipuram. There are shrines for around 200 Hindu deities in this temple.

The Gopuram is about 17 meteres in hight. The Dhwajastambha or flag staff is in front of the main sanctum. Only the priests and temple authorities are allowed in this area.

The temple also has a hall where common meals are held and another hall for wedding rituals.

Specialties:- The Puja here is done according to Vedic customs.The main aim of the temple trust is to uphold the hindu religious and cultural beliefs. The temple has a cultural center where they promote arts, traditions and languages.

In October 2015, a Hindu Cremation Groundwas inaugerated. Interestingly, cremation services will be provided to all nationalities, races or religious beliefs.

It is said that this temple was founded by the Tamil refugees who escaped from Srilanka during the civil war and came to Germany in the 1980s.

Festivals/Prayers:- Every day Pujas are offered at 8 am, 12 noon and the Deeparadhana (evening Aarti) at 7 pm. On festivals days and Full moon day special Puja is performed.

Sri Kamadchi Ampal’s annual Temple Festival, the statue of the Goddess Kamadchi Ampal is decorated and taken out on the Temple Chariot for a procession along temple grounds. This is a 14 days festival. At the end of the festival the idol is ritually bathed in a canal and returned to the temple.

How to Reach:- The temple is located on the Outskirts of the city Hamm. It is well connected by Public transport.
Bus N33 runs regularly from the main stop. To reach the temple one needs to alight at the Kranstraße stop


  • Kamadchi Kamakshi Ampal Temple at Hamm in Germany
    Victory Beckstraße 4-5

    Hamm,Germany, Andhra Pradesh - 59071
  • +49-2388-302223


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