Karthika Masam Significance and Importance

Of all the auspicious days of the month is the Karthika Masam(Month)which is very Auspicious...!
When Krithika star prevails on the Full moon day in the month of Karthikam it is popularly known as Karthika Masam(month). Karthika masam is the Eighth Lunar month of Indian Calender and falls around in November of Gregorian Calender. This month is very special for Lord Shiva as he kílled Tripurasuras on the day of Karthika pournami and protected the world from him and Lord Vishnu who goes to asleep on Ashadha Shuddha Ekadashi and wakesup on Karthika Shuddha Ekadashi. This month is also auspicious and sacred to their brother Ayyappa as Ayyappa deeksha is taken by his devootees in Karthika masam which continues upto Makara Sankranthi falling on Jan 15th. Many perform Lord Satyanarayana puja too in this month prefereably on Karthika Pournami.
Hindu Gods Worshipped in Karthika Masam
Brahma,Shiva,Vishnu,Ganesha,Ayappa,Subramanyeswar Swamy 
Both Shiva and Vishnu(Hari) adore,does puja and respect each other. Hari puja is done to Lord Vishnu and Shiva puja is performed to Lord Shiva which are favourite to each other personally. Tulasi(Ocimum Sanctum)a sacred plant is worshipped,Vana Bhojanam(Meals in Forest),Samaradhalu,Fastings,Abhishekams(Anointing),Chanting of Sahasranamavali(1000 Names of the God)hearing all these and seeing such activities change even an aesthitic person to God loving Person in this particular month. It is not confined to one day,nor two days but the whole thirty days of this month are auspicious and sacred...!
There are various Tithis,Devathas and Pujas where each have its own significance in Karthika Masam are as follows:
Padyami: It is known as Karthika Shudhaa Padyami...One rises early in the morning at the time of Brahma muhurtam(4:00AM) and have bath,they visit any nearby temple and pray to the god for attaining his best wishes and to come over the obstacles in the path of their life and devotion. In the evening have a glimpse of Karthika deepam in the sky for the fulfillment of the desire. Lord Shiva is worshipped for Tejas(Glory).
Vidhiya: According to Puranas there is a great saying that those who visit their sisters house on this day and have a meal prepared by her hand and offer gifts to her will not have Yamagandam(Occurrence of Death). Lord Vishnu is worshipped for Shanti(Peace of Mind).
Tadiya: Those women who perform Kumkum Archana(Saffron) to Goddess Parvathi on this day will have attainment of Aishwarya prapthi( Wealth and prosperity) throughout their married life.
Chaturthi: On account of Karthik Shudh Chavithi which is also known as Naagula Chaturthi(Worship of Snakes),one should pour milk to the Lord of Snakes ie., Subramanyeswar Swami(Naga Devatha).
Worship of Snake God in Karthika Masam
Worship of Snake God in Karthika Masam
Panchami: It is also known as Gyana Panchami(attaining knowledge). Those who perform Archana and Abhishekam (Anointing) which is favourite to Lord Subramanyeswar Swamy they will seek blessings of immense Knowledge and Karya Siddhi(Success in Work).
Shashti: On this day when offered food to a Brahmacharin(Unmarried)at house and given Tamboolam(Money with Beetle leaf and Supari) with Red bordered cloth and worship Lord Subramanyeshwar Swamy then they will have Santhana prapthi(get rid of the curse of infertility and have children).
Sapthami: The one who worhships Lord Surya(Sun)on this day they get Tejas and Arogya(Glory and Health). According to Puranas,on this day when one donates wheat poured in red cloth to someone then they get blessing of enhancement of their life.
Ashtami: The one who worships Goddess Durga on this day they get Sanata Nivarana(Relief from Miseries). When performed puja to Cow on Gopashtami then it gives fruitful results. 
Navami: From today onwards till 3 nights one should perform Vishnu Trinights vratam and do Vishnu puja at night. Also pray to their Pithru devathas(Forefathers) for Kutumbha Soukhyam(Happy family). 
Dashami:  The one who worships Lord Ganesha(Gajendra moksha parayana for Lord Vishnu)will get relief from any Obstacles causing in their life. Today one should chant and recite Vishnu Sahasranama,and also donate pumkin with amla.
Ekadashi: This Ekadashi is also called as BhodhanEkadashi. Today those who does Vishnu puja gets fruitful results and those who worship Lord Shiva get Karya Siddhi(Success in work). 
Dwadashi: This is also known as Ksheerabdi Dwadashi. Today in the evening when one performs puja to Tulasi plant (Ocimum Sanctum) a sacred plant worshipped by every Hindu family along with Amla branch kept in the same pot of Tulasi, performs marriage toboth will get rid of all there sins. By worshipping Lord Vishnu they get Dhana Dhanya Vridhi(Wealth and Good life).
Worshipping Tulasi and Amla plant on Karthika Masam
Worshipping Tulasi and Amla plant on Karthika Masam
Trayodashi: The one who worships Lord Vishnu today gets Tejas(Glory). On this day when one donates Salagrama(a form of stone regarded as God)to anyone,they will get rid of all the troubles caused in their life. 
Chaturdashi: The one who does puja to Lord Kalabhairava on this day get rid of Akala Mruthyu Haranam(Relief from sudden Deaths). Today when one donates all the things related to Shani like Iron,Sesame,Cotton,Lentils like Uraddal etc.,then Shani becomes happy and bestows good attention on them.
Full Moon Day: Today is very auspicious day ie.,Karthika Pournami,one should have bath near the river or well and light the diyas at the temple and have darshan of Lord to get rid of their sins. The one who worships Lord Vishnu/Krishna on this day get Moksha(Fulfillment of their life). It is well said in Puranas that thosewho lit Diya of 365 Vothulu(Cotton threads) using cow ghee on this particular day gets full benefit of lightening diyas the of whole year.
Lightening of Diyas in Karthika Masam
Lightening of Diyas in Karthika Masam
Padhyami: Today is known as Karthika Bahula Padhyami. Donating green leafy vegetables is very auspicious on this day. The one who worships Lord Agni Deva(Fire God) gets Tejas(Glory).
Vidhiya: Having Vanabhojanam(meals in forest or garden)on this day one attains fruitful results in his life. The one who worships Ashwani Devathas(Two Doctors of Gods) gets Arogya(Health).
Vanabhojanam Tradition followed in Karthika Masam
Vanabhojanam Tradition followed in Karthika Masam
Tadhiya: Those who offer Tulasi garlands to the Pandits and their Teachers will attain good knowledge and become intelligent. Also those who worship Gauri Devi(Goddess Parvathi)gets Soubhagya(Good for Husband and Children).
Chaturthi: The one who keeps fast whole day and does Lord Ganesha puja with grass(straw,garikka)and by keeping that grass under there pillow will get rid of bad dreams and get rich. They also get Kutumbha Soukhyam(Gives Happy Family life).
Panchami: The one who worshipd Lord Subramanyeswar Swamy gets Vijaya(Victory). Today one gets good results by feeding the ants rice grains(nookalu) and rice to the canines.
Shashti: Those who worship their Village Gods on this day and make the God happy will be rescued from any circumstances without any harm. The one who worships Lord Subramanyeswar Swamy on this day get Santhana Vriddhi(Get children).
Sapthami: The one who offers the Jilledu flowers(Calotropis gigantea) garland to Lord Shiva they will get lots of Dhan and get rich. The one who worships Lord Surya(Sun God)they get Ayush and Arogya Vriddhi(Longevity and Health).
Ashtami: On this day one should recite Kalabhairava Ashtakam and offer the Vada mala to the Kalabhairava as a result he will get lots of Dhan and get rich. The one who worships Goddess Ashta Laksmi on this day get Shanti(Peace in their life).
Navami: On this day when one donating Silver or Copper Mug with Water to Pandit/Brahmacharin they will seek blessings from their forefathers also. The one who worships Goddess Durga gets Karya Siddhi(Success in Everywhere).
Dashami: Today one who does Annasantarpana(offering food) will be blessed by Vishnu and get their desires fulfilled. The one who worships Ashta Dikpalakas (Indra,Agni,Yama,Nirruthi,Varuna,Vayu,Kubera and Eeshana(Shiva)) get Keerthi(Fame in their life). 
Ekadashi: The one who lightens Diyas today at any Vishnu temple,Reciting puranas,chanting or reading holy books,doing Jagarna(wake whole night) will get fruitful success in their path. The one who worships Kubera on this day gets Dhana prapthi(Money).
Dwadashi: The one who worships Lord Vishnu on this day gets Yoga prapthi(Eternal Unity). Today is very auspicious to do Annadanam(offering food) and Swayampakam(offering all the things for cooking food)to Brahmin.
Trayodashi: The one who worships Lord Yama get rid of Vyadhi Nivarana(Relief from severe diseases).  If one performs Navagraha puja on this day will get rid of all graha doshas.
Chaturdashi: According to Puranas in this month on the day of Shiva Rathri, when one does Puja and Abhishekam(Anointing)like Mruthyunjaya to Lord Shiva,get rid of graha doshas and is blessed with Relief from diseases,Good health and mind throughout their life.
Amavasya: Today it is very favourable to seek blessings and make our Pithru Devathas(Our Forefathers) happy by offering food or Swayampakam(all eatables for cooking food) to the Brahmins or Pandits by keeping fast in the morning gives Manodhairyam(Mental Stability). Also One must pray to Lord Shiva and Vishnu by offering coconut after the Deeparadhana puja(lightening of diyas) is done.
Uttapanna Ekadashi:
Of all the days in the Karthika Masam the Uttapanna Ekadashi is the best,which means the time when Lord Vishnu emerged from Ksheera sagara(milky ocean) lying on Aadhi Sesha(Snake god)when on Ashada Shudha Ekadashi he wents into Yoganidra(sleeps) and is back on Karthika Shudha Ekadashi, thus its called the Uttapanna Ekadashi.
The most fruitful thing is the Tulasi Kalyanam...!
It is said that on the Ksheerabdhi Dwadashi day all the Thirty Two Gods along with Shri Mahalakshmi and Lord Vishnu stays in the Tulsi Garden. Earlier in Kretayugam this was the day when Gods and Demons performed Ksheeramanthanam in the milky ocean is known as the Ksheerabdhi Dwadashi,and as churning the milky ocean it is known as 'Chiluka Dwadashi'. Today all the married women does puja as Tulasi Dhatri(Tulasi pot),lighting diyas and Shodashopacharalu(all the rituals) by conducting Tulasi Kalyanam,the LakshmiNarayana are worshipped.
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