Kasavanampatty Mouna Swamigal Dindigul Tamilnadu

Kasavanampatty Mouna Swamigal is an Avadhoot (naked saint) who's Mahasamadhi is situated in Muthalaman Temple of Kasavanampatty (Lord Shiva shrine), Dindigul District of Tamilnadu state, India. He was a true Brahmin sage, famously known as Sri Jyothi Mouna Nirvana Swami, a Gnani and perfect desciple of Swami Vivekananda-"The highest men are calm, silent and unknown." It is located at a distance of 3 Kms from Reddiyarchatiram,16 Kms towards west from Dindigul District head quarters and 464 Kms from State capital Chennai.

Kasavanampatty Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

Kasavanampatty Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

He took Jeevasamadhi in early hours of 22nd Oct,1982 on moola star day, on the 5th day of Aipasi. Even after he took mahasamadhi, a divine light and peace lit up his face for a long while. Two of the reputed saints of Tamilnadu named Yogi Ram Surat Kumar of Thiruvannamalai and Swami Gnanananda Giri of Tirukoilur would redirect their devotees who visited them to this Brahmavid-Varishtha, reffered Him as the Ocean of grace in which they were only waves.


No one know's from where Swamiji came, his actual birth and origin of place ( lineage or parentage). About 85 years ago, He was seen near the outskirts of village at kuttathuavarampatti kaadu, at that time He was only 16 to 18 years old. He was completely nude and mostly silent whom people from different places of India and all over abroad would visit to take his darshan and divine blessings. At the time of His stay, He used to visit many near by villages and stay for the duration of  months and years. Swamiji always used to scirbble something in the sand. He ate very less with minimal rice and some green veggies. He used to drink tea or milk by taking a sip of them as medicine to survive. He was very fond of smoking cigarettes. But, during His lifetime He didn't suffer with any type of health issues.

Idol of Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

Idol of Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

A Shiva linga is installed on the Swamiji's samadhi. Here Swamiji is seen in a sitting position behind the Shiva linga. Here Abhishekam to His procession Idol is done with sacred water brought from different holy places. Special poojas are conducted on the day of moola nakshatram (star day). Devotees keep fasting for 48 days before Guru pooja day.

Abhishekam to Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

Abhishekam to Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

Significance of this place:

Swamiji's Mahasamadhi is situated in the Shrine of Muthalaman Temple of Dindigul. At the time of His salvation, while performing Vedic rites to His remains a sudden change in climate was noticed and all the clouds became darker. Suddenly, a heavy rain burst at the spot of his samadhi as if All the Gods were Blessing Him. The temple has kept His belongings inside, for the people who come to visit Him and take his blessings from His samadhi.

Belongings of Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

Belongings of Mouna Swamigal Dindigul

Pujas and Offering:

At the time of pooja, Cigarettes are glown up infront of Him and distributed as prasad among the devotees. It is believed that the fire of the cigarette would burn the hardships of the devotees. It is done as a prayer commitment for the removal of past birth sins and burden in our regular life.

The Blend of Cigarette Sacred Ash is the Unique Prasad to His devotees.

Celebration of Festivals:

Guru Pooja (once in a year) is performed at the time of Pradhosam days.

The Maha Shivarathri festival is celebrated with great pomp, on that day 4 times pooja is performed.

How to Reach:

By Road: After reaching Dindigul from Chennai or any other place one can hire an auto or bus which runs frequently every one hour to reach Kasavanampatty.

By Train: Kasavanampatty has no railway station but there is one at a distance of 10km. The Madurai Jn Railway Station is the nearest railway station to this place. 

By Air: Chennai International Airport is the nearest airport to reach this place.


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