Only Garuda Temple at Triprangode Malappuram Kerala

Garuda Temple at Triprangode, is situated near Alathiyur, on Chamravattom Road in Tirur taluk of Malappuram District, stands to be the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Vishnu's carrier/mount, Garuda. This temple is close to a rare shrine of Lord Vishnu, worshipped in his Kurma Avatar (tortoise), hence known as "Vellamaserry Garudan Kavu Temple". Pilgrims visiting Sabarimala often en route to this temple. 

The Only Garuda Temple in Kerala

The Only Garuda Temple in Kerala

Legend Behind this Temple:

Garuda is the King of Birds, appears to rescue Lord Rama and Lakshmana, when Lord Indra shoots Nagapasha arrow from sky to defeat them in the Epic Ramayana. This instance is well mentioned in the Yuddha Kanda of the Epic Ramayana.

Legend says a great sage did penance for Lord Vishnu at this spot and when Lord Vishnu pleased by his devotion appeared infront of Him, He wanted to know the ways and means of getting salvation from human birth and the secret of keeping the population from disease and pain.

Another legend is associated with its origin. It is said that once a famous Perum thachan made an idol of Garuda which lookes as if it was badly throbbing for its life. The B Vettathu Nadu King was very much desired to see it alive. Perumthachan upon listening his wish replied that, the Garuda would become alive if a very sacred brahmin lady touches it. The Raja was doubting on it and suddenly Perum Thachan’s wife came and touched the statue which made it alive. It flew and sat near the pond of Lord Vishnu Temple (Kurma Avatar). Thus a temple was built on that spot for Lord Garuda facing the west. Soon the name of this place came to be known as "Vellamaserry Garudan Kavu Temple". The temple complex grew later substantially with Sankara Narayana and Shiva prathisthas facing the east. 

Snake Idols inside Garuda Temple Kerala

Snake Idols inside Garuda Temple Kerala

Deity of this Temple:

The main deity of this shrine is Garuda with half-eagle and half-man very rare idol. The well known Thirunavaya is only 5 kms away from this shrine. There is seperate shrine for Lord Vishnu inside this temple in the form of Kurma Avatar (tortoise), the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is the only Garuda temple in the entire country of India dedicated to Garuda- the carrier of Lord Vishnu.

Garuda the Presiding Deity of Garuda Temple Kerala

Garuda the Presiding Deity of Garuda Temple Kerala

The temple complex also has shrines of other deities namely Lord Ganapathi, Bhagavathy Devi, Sri Sastha, and Bhadrakali located on the western side having a Deepastambham and Gopuram. Towards left of Garuda, deities such as Veettekkaran and Kartha Veeryarjunan are found. There is a large temple pond situated towards south of this temple.

Deepasthambham in the Vellamassery Garudan Kavu Temple Kerala 

Deepasthambham in the Vellamassery Garudan Kavu Temple Kerala

Significance of this Temple:

Devotees often visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-To attain Salvation, To Gain Knowledge, For Wealth, Relief from Diseases and Purchase of Vehicles.

It is one of the famous temples in Kerala where people suffering from 'Naga Dosha' or 'Sarpa Dosha' come to worship to get rid of its adverse effects. Many devotees and pilgrims visit this temple to offer prayers to the deity for getting rid of Snake Bites, Leucoderma besides Skin Diseases, Breathing problems, etc. Farmers also offer prayers to Lord Garuda to prevent damage of their crops from the birds.

Snake Idols in Vellamessery Garudan Kavu Temple Kerala

Snake Idols in Vellamessery Garudan Kavu Temple Kerala

Architecture of this Temple:

This ancient Garuda temple is around 1800 years old and faces towards west while the rest of the shrines within this temple complex faces towards east. It is also having sannidhis for Sankara Narayana and Lord Vishnu built later facing towards east. The temple has special projections in front of the sanctums of Lord Vishnu and Sankara Narayana known as the 'Namaskara Mandapams'. The shrine of Lord Vishnu has a balippura towards south. 

Temple Timings:

Morning 6:00 AM-10:00 AM, Evening 6:00 PM-7:30 PM

Celebration of Festivals:

The Mandala period of Lord Ayyappa (41 days), falling between mid November to mid December, is considered the most significant period of worship in this temple. All the Sundays are regarded auspicious to worship this deity. The 12th and 13th day of the Malayalam month 'Dhanu' is regarded auspicious.
Offerings at the Temple:

  • Normally like any other temple fruits with tender coconuts are offered to Lord Garuda. 
  • Some seeds and insects which birds eat are also offered to Garuda. 
  • From ancient times there is a practise of offering snakes to the Garuda and devotees offer them in order to obtain immunity from snake bites. This ritual is followed by throwing of hundreds of snakes kept on earthernware pots from top of the Temple Gopuram, as snakes are natural food of Garuda (eagle). 
  • A special offering is made known as "Manja Payasam" (Yellow Payasam-made of rice and jaggery having turmeric in it). 

How to Reach:

By Road: The local transport is the best mode of transport to reach this temple. There are number of government and private buses available to the temple. 

By Train: Tirur railway station is the nearest railway station around 8 kms away from this shrine and Kozhikode railway station is around 11 kms away from this shrine. 

By Air: Kozhikode is the nearest airport around 43 kms from this temple. 

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