Only temple of the World with Durga Saptashati Yantra near Chennai

Panchetti is located on the Chennai-Kolkatta National highway about 30 KMs from Chennai after crossing Karanodai. The temple is just a few metres away from the national highway.This place was called Pancheshti (Pancha means 5, Ishti means Yagna) in the past and which has got changed to Panchetti. The Shiva temple is several years old and goes by the name of Agasteeshwarar, since it is said to have been worshipped by sage Agastya.There is a separate shrine for Agastya in this temple.

The Shiva Linga is swayambhu meaning its self generated and not man made.The name of the divine mother is Anandavalli and she is made of green granite facing south.


1) Goddess Anandavalli with 3 eyes and keeping her left foot forward - Beneath her feet is the most famous "Durga Saptashati" yantra. Here the Goddess has taken a fierce form to destroy the evil.

Durga Saptashati yantra present in sculptures of ceiling of Temple

Durga Saptashati yantra present in sculptures of ceiling of Temple

The greatness of Durga Saptashati and Chandi has been extolled in various scriptures and mantras. This could be the only temple in the world with the Chandi Yantra installed. The explanation for the Chandi Yantra and Mantra would take hundreds of pages. But it is enough to say that in destroying evil and granting genuine boons to devotees Chandi takes the first place.

Durga Temple Architecture

Durga Temple Architecture

For those who are unmarried worshipping the goddess here with a garland made out of fresh lemons for a period of 8 weeks will remove obstacles and delays in getting married.

2) Ishta Linga has been installed by a disciple of Agastya called Pulastya which fulfills all the genuine needs of a devotee.

3) The temple is full of mystic yantras and images. One can seen the yantra on top of the shrine and the images of Navagrahas and Dwara balas at the entrance - All this making the temple itself a big yantra.

Saptashat Temple Architecture

Saptashat Temple Architecture

Navagrahas and Dwara balas at the entrance

Navagrahas and Dwara balas at the entrance
4) The usual Vahana for Saniswara is the crow. But here Eagle is the Vahana instead of crow, which must be having some special significance but which is not known.

5) Lord Muruga takes the creative role of Lord Brahma here which also makes this temple a Mangal Dosha (Chevvai) parihara temple.

6) A very old snake pit can be seen in this temple and people have spotted snakes living in it. It is considered very auspicious if a snake lives inside a temple.

7) This temple is an Annadana Kshetra as per the story of the temple. Annadana is also one of the 5 acts of charity mentioned for all human beings. Performing Annadanam in this temple is considered to be of great merit.

8) Adding to the mysticism of the temple, the temple frequently comes up in the Nadi astrology palm leaves and lot of devotees visit this temple because of it.

9) Not just the mystical aspects, the architectural aspects of the temple also need a special mention. Some sample photos are given below, but they can not describe what can be seen in person.


  • Only temple of the World with Durga Saptashati Yantra near Chennai

    Thatchoor, Tamil Nadu - 601101
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