Pithapuram Shri Kunthi Madhava Swamy Kshetram

Kunthi Madhava Swamy Temple Pithapuram is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is one of the five temples which were established by the Lord Indra-God of Heaven. This is one of the Pancha Madhava Kshetrams in India. Pithapuram Kshetram is one of the famous holy shrines situated in East Godavari District of Andhrapradesh. As it is equivalent to Kashi, it is well known as Dakshina Kashi. This place is a combination of ShivaKeshava Kshetra Teertham (presence of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu at one place) very important pilgrimage for the tourists and devotees visiting this place. It has Ancient scripts written in Telugu on the pillar of this temple.
Entrance of Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Entrance of Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Pithapuram Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Pithapuram Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
History of this Kshetram:
From the inscriptions of History, Chandra gupta Maurya Dynasty had ruled this place. Later Pallavas took charge in 3rd Century A.D. Again in 6th century the Chalukyas took possession of this place. This temple was also under the attack of Muslim rulers who attacked and looted the treasure of this temple. This temple got rebuilt in the 17th century by the Padmanayaka rulers.
Ancient Telugu Script on the Pillar of Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Ancient Telugu Script on the Pillar of Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
This Pithapuram Kshetram is well mentioned in the Bheema Khanda of Skanda Puranam. This place has holy shrines for Shri Kukuteeshwar Swamy and Shri Kunthi Madhava Swamy. Due to this reason Pithapuram place is well known as ShivaKeshava Kshetram.
Glory of Shri Kunthi Madhava Swamy:
According to Legend, in Ancient times there lived 'Chitraketu' (Gandharva) an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu who was taught spiritual truths by the Adi Sesha (Serpent King) in his tough times. As Adi Sesha himself visited his house he bacame very proud. After completion of his spiritual lessons Adi Sesha while leaving his palace gifted him a Vimana to fly around. One day when he was passing through the sky (Gaganamarg) in his Vimana, He stopped at Kailash and walked to the place of Saptarishis and Lord Shiva where he saw Lord Shiva's arm around Goddess Parvathi and laughed seeing them and said Lord Shiva you are embracing Goddess Parvathi infront of Saptarishis. Goddess Parvathi felt insulted gave Him a curse to go down to earth and take rebirth in the form of Demon. Chitraketu apologised on his act and politely accepted her curse.
Cursed by Parvathi Chitraketu, by the Anugraha of Prajapathi Tvashta (the sage with great powers) took birth as demon 'Vrithasura' and got very famous. Vrithasura performed a strict penance and got a boon from Lord as:
*He will not be killed by a common man, 
*Nor be killed by any weapon known till then, 
*Nor any weapon made out of wood or metal can harm him, 
*He would not die with wet or dry, 
*Would only die in hands of Siddha Purushas. 
*He also got a boon that his powers will keep on increasing during the battle.
One day with all His powers he dethroned Lord Indra-God of Heaven. Frightened from Him, Lord Indra went to well known Siddha Dadichi Maharishi (sage), tried his luck by killing Sage and made an weapon called 'Vajra Yudham' (made of Siddha’s bones) and used sea foam which is neither wet or dry and killed the Vrithasura and saved his own life and regained Indralok from Him. This act of Indra is known as 'Brahma Hathya' (killing Brahmin), and to get rid of this sin Lord Indra, performed all spiritual rituals (Shastroktha Vidhi) to Lord Narayana (Vishnu) said in Narayana Upanishad (Bhutatma, Indriatma, Pradhanatma, Atma and Parmatma)as these are Panchaatma kind(swaroop).
Hence Lord Indra, installed all these five forms (Vishnu Idols) of Shriman Narayana as "Pancha Madhavas" to wash off His crime known as 'Brahmahatya' done by him.
In this manner the Idols installed by Lord Indra of Pancha Madhavas in "Krutha Yuga" got famous in whole India and those five places got their name with these famous Idols which were installed in the following places as:
  1. Kashi                            -Shri Bindhu Madhava Swamy
  2. Prayaga                       -Shri Venu Madhava Swamy
  3. Padmanabha(Kerala)-Shri Sundar Madhava Swamy
  4. Pithapuram                  -Shri Kunthi Madhava Swamy
  5. Rameshwaram            -Shri Seethu Madhava Swamy
Significance of this place:
According to Another legend, In Dwaparyuga when Pandavas were exiled from their Kingdom, this place was visited and stayed by Pandavas during the time of Vanavas along with their mother Kunthi Devi. Lord Sri Rama visited this place in "Tretha Yuga". During their Vanavas Kunthi Devi worshipped Lord Shri Maha Vishnu for the well being of Pandavas, to which Shri Madhava Swamy of Pithapuram came infront of her and blessed her to attain Mukthi for worshipping Him. Thus, from that time this place got famous by the name as "Kunthi Madhava Kshetram" and devotees come here to worship and attain good health and wealth.
How Panchatma is having Pradhanathma this Shloka of Shri Kunthi Madhava Swamy represents as:-
Shri Mathpeetha Puradhinath Rasikam Kunthi Sati Pujithah I
Prajeh: Panchashu Madhaveshu Kadhitham Shri Bhu Garuthmadhyutham II
Divya Sweya Dashavtara Vilasath Satorne Nojwalam I
Kunthi Madhav Mab Chakra Jalrutt Kowmaide Kiden Bhajej II
Meaning: The Madhava Swamy residing in Pithapuram was worshipped by Kunthi Devi. Shri Swamy Pancha Madhavalu are residing with the dieties Shri Devi and Bhudevisahith in this Peetham. The Garudalwar are seen in the form of Archavatar and got famous here. The Swamy present in Dashavatar Idols got brightened with the Makar Toranam which is kept here.
Diety in the Temple:
The diety is seen and identified having in his hands the Padma, Chakra, Shankhamu and Komedikiam named Gada, visible in Mohanakara form and is adored as Shri Kunthi Madhava Swamy.
Diety in Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Diety in Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Chariot of Diety in Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Chariot of Diety in Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Pond near Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
Pond near Kunthi Madhava Kshetram
To make the Swamy Happy one must chant the following Shloka:
Shri Madhavam Durita Matta Madavalanam I
Ucchatane Mrugpatim Nija Bhaktha Kalpam II
Komowdaki Vara Sudarshana Panchajanya  I
Padmeralkruthkaram Kalyami Chithahe II
Temple Timings:
The Temple is open from 06.00AM to 08:00PM.
The following Sevas are conducted to the diety:
Morning:-Suprabhatam, Teerthapu Binde, Archana, Sahasranamarchana and Balabhogam are conducted.
Afternoon:-Archana and Balabhogam are conducted.
Evening:-Archana, Dhoopa Seva, Asthana Seva, Bhajan and Pavalimpu Seva are conducted.
Nearby Places to Visit:
1)Sri Kukkuteswara Swamy Temple
2)Sripada Srivallabha Temple
How to Reach:
By Road: There are plenty of Buses from Pithapuram Bus Station which is well connected from all major cities of Andhra Pradesh.
By Train: The Nearest Railway Station is around 1.7km away from Pithapuram.
By Air: Vijayawada is the Nearest International Airport around 142km away and Rajahmundry is the Nearest Domestic Airport around 56km away from Pithapuram.
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