Shri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple at Kuravi Warangal

"Shri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple at Kuravi " is 11 km from Mahabubabad or Manukota in Warangal District, dedicated to Veerabhadra Swamy-the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Kuravi is a small village and mandal of Warangal district which comes under Dornakal Assembly of state Andhra Pradesh in India. It is commonly spelt as Korvi about 70km from Warangal by train and 11km from Mahabubabad town or Manukota,which is unique for its culture. This temple is also dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali – thus it is also referred as "Kuravi Bhadrakali Sametha Veerabhadra Swamy Temple" from where none goes without offering prayer to these dieties.
The Kuravi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Warangal AP
The Kuravi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Warangal AP
History of the Temple:
This temple is dedicated to fierce looking Diety with three eyes and ten hands known as Lord Veerabhadra Swamy. This temple was constructed by the famous ruler of then "Bheema Raju" of Vengi Chalukya Dynasty and again got renovated by the Kakatiya ruler known as "Betharaju-I". When Kuravi was in trouble with its destroyers then Veerabhadra himself would come to protect the residents. Sometimes in the form of Human he would play and sing with the residents and would suddenly disappear from there. There are evidences that Kakatiya Veeranari Rudrabamba witnessed Veerabhadra done Puja and offered him the Ratnas(Jewels)of which the American Marco Polo had mentioned in his writings. The local people offer pujas to Veerabhadra Swamy as their Kuladevatha (House God) or Aaradhyadevatha and call him as 'Veerana'. They have great belief that he removes all the obstacles coming in their path and makes their wishes fulfilled.
Legend behind this Temple:
Legend says that Sati Devi(Parvathy) married Lord Shiva against the wish of his father Daksha Prajapathi. When Daksha conducted yagna he invited all but left Lord Shiva and Sati. But even then Sati attended the yagna conducted by her father, but was not paid any attention with her parents nor her siblings,instead was abused and cursed which she couldn't tolerate against her husband and got self-immolated in the fire. After this incident Shiva gets arrogant and does Tandava nrithya to destroy the world in anger and throws one Jata(a single thread of hair)on the floor from where this Veerabhadra Swamy originated. Being angry Veerabhadra chanting 'Har Har Mahadev'went and killed the Daksha by cutting his head from the body. Suddenly,all the dieties started asking help of Shiva,not to stop the yagna and complete it for the sake of Universe. At that time Shiva joined one Goat's face to Daksha's body and made this yagna completed. Soon after this incident Lord Shiva became calm but Veerabhadra was still in his fierce form and to make him calm Goddess Mahashakthi sended one of her 16 forms known as 'Bhadrakali' to Veerabhadra. When Veerabhadra met Her he got calm and then it was the time to tie the knot between them. In presence of all the Gods, they both got married and came to known as Kuravi Bhadrakali Sametha Veerabhadra Swamy Temple. Since then both Bhadrakali and Veerabhadra Kalyanam is done with great fan fare and offered pujas.   
Diety in the Temple:
Shri Veerabhadra Swamy is considered as the Eldest son of Lord Shiva and his brothers are Kala Bhairava, Lord Ganesha, Karthikeya and Ayappa Swamy. He is considered as the ultimate destroyer of Ego and has 21 Avathars namely: Agni Veerabhadra, Agora Veerabhadra, Sadma Veerabhadra, Kubera Veerabhadra, etc.. 
Veerabhadra Swamy Kuravi Warangal
Shri Veerabhadra Swamy Kuravi Warangal
The deity worshipped in the temple has Ugra Roopam or Fierce form seen with three eyes and 10 hands. The diety is black in colour and have Mustache. He has five pairs of hands-First pair with Khadgam and Trisulam, Second pair with Flower and Gada, Third pair with Dandam and Damarukam(Drum like substance), Fourth having Snake and Vellu,and Fifth pair having Arrow and Muddaram. Kuravi means 'Red', hence the diety got its name due to his red eyes. Thats why Lord Shiva is also worshipped in this temple. There are other shrines in the temple too as Lord Ganesha in the entrance, to the North Ramalingeshwar Swamy and to the South Chandramouleeshwar Swamy. There are Saptamatrukas, Navagrahas also installed in this temple.
There is separate shrine for Lord Hanuman and Nagendrudu (Snake God) also in this temple premises.
Special features of the Temple:
1)The 'Dwajasthambham' of this temple is very powerful as there used to be one Shakthi Yantra in those days which is not present now. There is a saying that those who would hug the Dwajasthambham would only speak 'Truth'. As Truth is considered like Fire those who are not worth would not stand and face the power of the Sthamba and hence, people say that the yantra was removed from under It and placed little bit aside of it.
2)Those who wish to have children does Porudandalu (one type of worship to lord rolling on the floor with wet clothes) and get their wish fulfilled.
Important Festivals and Puja:
The most important festivals celebrated with great fan fare in the temple are MahaShivarathri, Bathukamma (flowers arranged in the form of  Goddess in Linga shape) and Nonalu.
On account of Shivarathri the temple appears as a Kailasgiri and the diety is worshipped with special pujas.
Monday and the Ashtami thithi is the most favourable time to worship this Lord, with Water and Bilva Pathras (Maredu leaves) which are meant sacred to offer to the diety.
Temple Timings:
The temple is open from 4:15 AM to 7:30 PM.
How to Reach:
By Air: The Nearest Airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad (200km), Vijayawada Airport (150km) and the Aerodrome at Warangal (60km) to visit this temple.
By Train: There are many trains well connected to Mahabubabad or Manukota from all the major parts of the cities in India and has major Railway stations in the Kazipet-Vijayawada route. Kazipet is the Zonal/Divisional headquarters 70km from Mahabubabad, 61km from Warangal, 47km from Khammam and is known as Gateway to North India. There are number of trains halting at this station like Charminar Express, Intercity Express, Simhapuri Express, Dakshin Express, Golconda Express, Padmavathi Express, Navjivan Express, Satavahana Express and many more. 
By Road: The temple is 11km from Mahabubabad Railway Station & Bus Station with number of city buses well connected to this place.
Temple Address:
Shri Veera Bhadra Swamy Vari Devasthanam
Kuravi (Village & Mandal) 
Warangal District 
Andhra Pradesh 
Postal Code: 506 315 
Contact: +91 9491000704 | 08719 277232 
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  • Shri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple at Kuravi Warangal
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