Temple for unity of couples Thiruvamathur Siva Temple

Temple for unity of couples Thiruvamathur Siva Temple

Tiruvamathur Shiva temple is located in Villupuram district of TamilNadu and 7 Kms from Villupuram town. The name of the lord is Abhirameshwarar. The name of the Goddess is Muthamman. She is said to have been installed by the great seer Sri Adhi Sankara. A snake tail symbol can be seen on the body of the divine mother.There are various inscriptions in this temple of the Chola kings.

In Tamil, "Aa" has an additional meaning of a cow. Cows are specifically revered in this temple, hence the place got its name Thiruvamathur. Traditionally in all temples, Lord Shiva will face east and the divine mother will face east or north. However in this temple the Goddess faces west. Lord Shiva facing east and Goddess facing west and there is small hole in the wall , where both of them see each other. This is a very unique thing which can be never seen in any temple. Hence this temple is famous for uniting couples, removing marital discords. One day this could become The temple for Valentine's day.

Vannasarabam Dhandapani Swamigal was an 18th century saint who lived and attained Maha Samadhi in Thiruvamathur. His Maha Samadhi is located inside the Kaumara Madam here. A strict follower of Ahimsa and love for all creatures, he took Kshetra Sanyasa and settled down here. He has composed innumerable hymns on Lord Murugan,Shiva and all other deities. Most of them have been lost unfortunately over a period of time.


  • Temple for unity of couples Thiruvamathur Siva Temple

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