Tijara Jain Temple Rajasthan

Tijara Jain Temple is one of the famous Ancient Jain temples dedicated to "Shri 1008 Lord Chandraprabhu'' situtated in hill town Tijara of Alwar District, Rajasthan, India. It is also known as 'Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Dehra' Tijara in Rajasthan situated at a distance of 55km from Alwar and around 110km from Delhi.
Tijara Jain Temple in Rajasthan
Tijara Jain Temple in Rajasthan
Tijara Jain Temple
Tijara Jain Temple
History of this Temple:
This temple got established in 1956 and the Idol of the Deity Chandraprabhu was recovered on 16th August 1956. The white stone Idol was taken out from underground has a belief which strengthens this place as Dehra, where several Jain Idols were worshipped and now which stands to be the place where Jain Temple was set up. The Idol is very attractive and miraculous too.
Legend says that, once Mrs.Saraswati Devi wife of Vaidya Shri Bihari Lal of Tijara when fasting for three days, during the fasting on 3rd day, She had a dream about the whereabouts of this place where the Idol could be found. Next day morning, when she said about her dream to the locals this miraculous Idol of Deity Bhagavan Chandraprabhu was recovered from digging. Soon after the recovery of this Idol, it started raining thus consecration of idol took place naturally at the same place where now the temple stands.
Manasthamba in Tijara Jain Temple
Manasthamba in Tijara Jain Temple
Significance of this Temple:
It is known as an "Atishaya Kshetra" (Place where Miracles happen) situated around 55 Kms from Alwar and 110 Kms from Delhi. This place stands as an holy pilgrimage site or Tirtha Sthan for the Jains and one of the popular tourist attraction of this place.
It is an auspicious place of worship for Non-Jain’s also along with the Jain's who come to worship here. The temple shows beautiful architecture and attracts many devotees who seek blessings and get their all wishes fulfilled. People believe the Dust of the Kundli present in this temple, acts as a wonderful medicine and cures all kinds of diseases. 
Deity of this Temple:
The Deity of this Tijara Temple Chandraprabhu is the 8th Tirthankara of present cosmic age and stands at a height of 15 inch made up of white stone. The Idol of this Deity is very beautiful and attractive seen sitting in Padmasana Posture. There are inscriptions which state that the Idol was installed on 3rd day of Vishakha Shukla in the year 1554
Another Idol of Bhagavan Chandraprabhu was discovered on March 29th, in 1972, by the guidance of Pujya Acharya Nirmal Sagarji Maharaj which was made up of black stone, 8 inch height seated in the lotus position in Padmasana posture found after digging under the gate of a room, which was situated at the south of the temple premises.
Both the Idols of the Deity are fixed in a vast attractive & beautiful rectangular shaped temple decorated with great sky-high pinnacles. When visited one can notice the exterior of temple magnificient and interior very charming. The temple consists a Hall which has the capacity of 2000 persons at a time. The Hall is really praiseworthy as sides of hall chambers & walls are decorated with the fantastic work of glass and colorful paintings based on mythological stories.
The very famous "Chandralok City" is a Township on the name of Lord Chandraprabhu near the main temple which is spread over more than 100 acre, on main road.
Nearby Temples:
The Parshavanatha Temple is another ancient temple of Tijara, which was constructed in V.S.1895 and is situated near the main temple believed to be 250 years old. The Principle deities of this temple are Bhagavan Parshvanath (23rd Teerthankar) and Bhagavan Neminath (22nd Teerthankar) installed in V.S. 1135. Both the deities are said to be miraculous. The other idols of this temple were installed in V.S.1548. There are also other temples like Navagraha Jain Temple and Padmavati Temple near the main temple complex.
Temple Timings:
07:00AM to 07:30PM (All days of the week)
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  • Tijara Jain Temple Rajasthan
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