Underwater Temple in Bali Indonesia

Location - Bali is an island in Indonesia. It was once predominantly a Hindu province. Unfortunately, these days only a few artifacts and monuments still stand.

About the shrine:- Pemuteran is a small coastal village 50 kilometers west of Singaraja in Indonesia. Deep within the ocean at Pemutran in Bali are the idols of various Buddhist and Hindu deities. Here we can see Goddess Saraswati (deity of knowledge) sitting in a lotus position. This place is extremely famous among scuba divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. Swimming in the deep sea and going several feet under water is the only way one can see this novel shrine.

Idols of Buddhist and Hindu deities

Idols of Buddhist and Hindu deities

Goddess Saraswati sitting in a lotus position

Goddess Saraswati sitting in a lotus position

Conception:- In 1991, an Australian named Chris Brown started to conserve marine flora and fauna with the help of local people. He started the Reef garden reserve, that protects coral reefs. He also started scuba diving training programs so that more and more people get interested in exploring the deep waters. Once the waters were cleaned up, local fishing business started to thrive.

While the conservation was in progress, Mr. Brown also decided that it is necessary to have a place underwater to be in touch with ones spiritual side. Thus came into existence, an underwater temple Garden. Bright Corals outline the garden while sandstone statues of Gods and Goddesses like Buddha, Saraswati and Ganesha form its focal points.

This temple is 30 meters deep and oxygen tends to deplete very rapidly at this depth. Hence, this place is accessible only to advance scuba divers. However, very recently another temple has been constructed at 15 meters. This area is aptly called the "garden of Gods" and is a perfect amalgamation of ancient Hindu and Balinese philosophy.

Picture Courtesy - Screen shot collected from a footage by scuba divers at Bali temple near PEMUTERAN temple on the seabed. The second photo shows the temple's existence is genuine - (shots by photographer Paul Mturley)


  • Underwater Temple in Bali Indonesia

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